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Part 1

To those of you who have read my article “Why Postcards are the Best Way to Commemorate Your Study Abroad” know that I am a big fan of postcards. Whether it be sending them to friends and family or just keeping them in a private collection, postcards offer a unique memento.

I recently joined a free postcard club after my aunt brought it to my attention. The club, for a lack of a better term, is called Postcrossing and I’m in love with it. I say this honestly, I’m not paid to write about it and this isn’t an affiliate post. Postcrossing is free to sign up for and it randomly assigns you a person to send a postcard to. (Members are responsible for paying postage.) You can choose to only get postcards from people in the United States of America or from others around the world. Users can even display digital images of the postcards they have received. The website gives you a code to write on your postcard and when the other person receives your postcard they log in and enter the code to verify that it arrived. Now I have a fun surprise to look forward to each week.

Postcrossing inspired me to post images of my own postcards to share with you all the different postcards I have accumulated through my travels. I have arranged the postcards into little galleries to make them easier to view. Each postcard will have a description of where it came from and at least one tid-bit about that day of my journey. Below is the first gallery of my commemorative postcards. Enjoy!


First Trip to London England
First Trip to London England
My first travel postcard. The postcard I wrote after my first (tumultuous) trip to London. Highlight: My boots broke and my socks got soaked, but I found a Primark.
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